Le Gashney
Notre Chef Ernest Benz
Chambre Supérieure

Located above the village of Muhlbach-sur-Munster, the hotel offers exceptional views of several villages in the Valley of Munster and the Vosges mountains.

The exploration of these enchanting sites gives you the choice of long walks, biking or even on horseback, on skis or pulled by sled dogs in season, and even hot air balloon for air travel. An output drive takes you from village to village until the wine route, and then through Colmar, with its charming pedestrian streets, its small Venice, sculpted facades and to the Unterlinden Museum.


After a day of sightseeing, enjoy the tranquility of the hotel and the great flavors in our restaurant.

Anxious to preserve this environment, the property is equipped with solar panels that produce much of its energy needs.

La Boutique de la Perle

Cuisine familiale

You currently cannot come in our restaurant, but we can bring our restaurant to your house during the lockdown!

Once a week, we organize the boutique de la Perle (Perle's shop). We prepare starters, main meals and dessert that you can bring home and enjoy with your family.

Still homemade, still delicious!

No reason to hesitate!

For more information, contact us  03 89 77 61 34.


Cours de cuisine

We cannot open but we can bring meals to your home (if you live in the valley).

So you can enjoy our fresh homemade meals at home.

Contact us for more details 0389776134 or follo wus on Facebook